What is a marketing funnel?

You can have an automated webinar that you will have a subscriber takes towards the end of the goal taking you've set. You can also have an evergreen funnel that pitches your e-book or a five-part video series 

For any marketing funnel you need: 

1. An entry point (a way for people to enter your funnel) via a lead magnet or any kind of opt-in incentive
2. A way to capture that subscriber via a landing page or opt-in form
3. A dedicated series of emails that prime and nudge that subscriber

Your video series or webinar are extra touch points that you add into your marketing mix.

So if you've been saying “I need a build more funnels” or “I need a funnel strategy or” 'd like to urge you to stop and think about what exactly it is that you need. 

Dig deeper. 

Could one of these sentences be more aligned with what's actually going on with your business?

I have fifty thousand page views a month but get only forty-two subscribers for an ENTIRE month. 

Everyone says they love my stuff, but I still get no sales for my e-book. Why? 

I have a sequence of emails set up in my evergreen funnel, but I'm not getting any sales. 

These statements allow you to break down and analyze what's wrong rather than throw the burden on the lack of a funnel. 

It is nothing more than a pathway or journey and one that you shape and define. It depends on where you want to lead your subscribers.

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If you're struggling with any particular aspect of email marketing, they can give you a fresh perspective on how you can tackle it too.

If this is your first time being introduced to this email marketing terms, it may take some time for all of this to sink in.